Pet Surgeons – RTÉ

Director/Camera – The Pet Surgeons – RTÉ ONE – 6 x 25 mins

Editor: Malcolm Moloney Producer: Gillian Marsh Commissioning Editor: Ray McCarthy

Filmed during 2016 and broadcast in Autumn 2016, The Pet Surgeons followed the day to day life in one of Irelands leading veterinary hospitals, Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital in Cork. From a lame guide dog heading for surgery to a cheetah worryingly losing weight, all kinds of animals, of all shapes and sizes came through the doors of Gilabbey giving a wonderful mix of lighthearted and heartbreaking stories that are the day to day of the Vets in Gilabbey. This series was very much led by personalities and human interest stories and meant gaining the trust of the series’ protagonists and getting them to open up and share their story at was often a very emotionally charged subject matter or period in their lives.. This project gave me great experience filming in medical scenarios; from the practicalities of filming intricate surgeries to dealing with the sensitivities surrounding many of the ‘end of life’ narratives, whilst also forming close relationships with the practice staff.