Out of their League – Eir Sport

I spent the winter of 2019 following the PFAI (Professional Footballers Association of Ireland) training camp for out of contract footballers. Each year in Ireland, as the football season ends (October/November) hundreds of young footballers are left out of contract by their clubs. In response to this, the PFAI run a 6 week training camp for players, which helps give them focus and purpose during the off season.

The documentary focus on the camp, the coaching staff and the players, and tries to understand the multitude of reasons that lead to players finding themselves out of work each year, from long term injuries and loss of form, to ageing footballers, looking for one more year.

Out of their League airs on June 29th on Eir Sport.



Shooting Director – Craig Speer.

Producers – Geoff Power and Medb Johnstone.

Editor – Bernard Clarke.

Production Company – Igloo Productions.

Post Production – Raygun Post Production.

Executive Producer for Eir Sport – Barry Fitzgerald.

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